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Brittany is sponsored by Tuffrock Australia and James and Son Premium Horse Feeds. 




TuffRock operates in the global animal health markets developing and manufacturing effective, natural and safe volcanic products. In these products, the energy contained within volcanic minerals is harnessed to achieve revolutionary results.


TuffRock Pty Limited was established in July 2002 by Steve Hurley, Roger Smith, Kari Kostamo and John Broadbent following several years of extensive Research and Development, product development and test marketing.


Brittany uses Tuffrock volcanic poultice which is wonderful for problem legs or cuts and scratches. 



James and Son Premium Horse Feed


With more than 100 years of experience in the stockfeed industry, James & Son is your trusted supplier of premium horse feed products. James and Son are committed to industry innovation and the ongoing support of the Australian Equine industry.


Brittany feeds James and Son High E feed mix which is a non-oat Muesli Mix blend of rolled and micronized Grains, high in Energy and Vitamin E, formulated for horses that have problems digesting oats and other grains high in starch. High E also assists with horses prone to tying up syndrome.




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Brittany Graham Racing 

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